The Passing of Pope Benedict XVI

The passing of Pope Benedict XVI on the 31st of December 2022 marks a sad close to a tumultuous year and an end to a lifelong commitment to the Catholic Church. For many, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) will be remembered as the only pope in over 600 years to retire from office; but as most know, his legacy is much greater than this.


Benedict was a true scholar, protector of the faith in form and content, and an advocate for a compelling faith life that confronted rather than glossed over the complexities of our times. He also believed deeply in the importance of Catholic education and impelled ‘each generation of Christian educators to ensure that the power of God’s truth permeates every dimension of the institutions they serve.’


St. Mark’s College and Corpus Christi College extend our prayers for the soul of the blessed holy father, but also our thanks and gratitude for the light that he shone, and will continue to shine, on all of us. Rest in eternal peace.


-Dr. Gerry Turcotte

President, Corpus Christi College

Principal, St. Mark’s College at UBC

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