Library Services for Faculty

Check out the Guides and Help section for detailed guides to assist you and your students. Guides for faculty are at the bottom of the page.

St. Mark's College, Theological Schools and UBC Library Borrowing 

Current faculty have borrowing rights to St. Mark’s College, Vancouver School of Theology and Regent College, as well as UBC library.

To obtain an SMC library card:
Please contact St. Mark's library staff to set up a library card/account.  

To obtain a UBC library card:
If you wish to open a UBC library account or to renew your current account, please contact [email protected] with your current account number (if you have one), mailing address, phone number and home email address. Faculty use UBC’s Standard Library Login for accessing UBC online resources. 

Reserve Material

We are not able to place items on Reserve until the library re-opens for patron use. 

Library Instruction

In-class library literacy instruction has been suspended until further notice. Please encourage your students to contact library staff if they need library assistance.

Requests for Purchase

Faculty are invited to request the purchase of material to be included in the library’s collection. Although not all requests can be fulfilled, the library will make every effort to purchase recommended material that falls within its collection mandate.