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Tuition payment options during COVID-19

Debit Payment

Online banking payment is being activated for St. Mark’s College tuition payments but there has been a significant delay due to an increase of these requests to the banks.

For the interim, please contact Janice Siddall ([email protected]). She will arrange to process your debit transaction.

Credit Card Payment

Payment can be processed through your MyLION account. There is a maximum payment of $10,000. During COVID-19 the credit card processing fee is being waived. The 2.5% processing fee will be manually credited to your MyLION account after payment.

Wire Transfer payment

$25.00 fee per instance

If you have questions or require support with your tuition payment, please contact Janice Siddall ([email protected])

The following payment methods are unavailable during COVID-19:
•    Cheque
•    Any in-person tuition payments. Due to COVID-19 the College buildings are closed until further notice.