VST Track - BA Degree in Theology and Culture

St. Mark’s College and the Vancouver School of Theology (VST) have launched an innovative new pathway for students without an undergraduate degree who are aspiring to pursue graduate studies in theology at VST.

Within the St. Mark’s College Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Culture, students can complete an undergraduate degree and take up to eight VST graduate courses in the foundations of theological, pastoral and biblical study to meet advanced program requirements for VST master's degree programs.

Throughout the degree, all undergraduate students take courses together and participate in a Seminar in Theology and Culture. In third and fourth year, the VST Track students take the eight foundations courses at VST.

Upon successful completion of the St. Mark’s undergraduate program, students are eligible to pursue admission into a master's degree program at VST (MDiv, MATS, MAPPL, MA IIS) with advanced standing, having already completed the equivalent of one year in VST’s foundation courses.

Note: Completion of the St. Mark’s BA in Theology & Culture does not guarantee admission to a VST graduate program. Full application and consideration by the VST Admissions committee is required, normally in the final term of undergraduate studies.

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“Our new partnership with St. Mark’s College gives us the ability to ready students for master’s level study at VST in the neighbourhood. Because VST professors teach in the last year of this undergraduate program through St Mark’s, we extend the period of student formation and provide direct entry to our master’s level programs. This agreement reflects our ecumenical commitments and gives a profound witness to our common faith and commitment to excellent education."

-Rev. Dr. Richard Topping, VST Principal

“This ecumenical partnership is a joyous moment for the Community of St. Mark’s at UBC and the Vancouver School of Theology. It reflects our shared interest in engagement and encounter, and our belief that there is more that unites us than divides us.”
-Dr. Peter Meehan, St. Mark's College Principal


Need help with your application? Contact a St. Mark's College or VST Recruiter to review your course history and eligibility.

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