Office of the Registrar

We are here to support your success. The Registrar’s Office provides a wide range of administrative and systems support services to students, faculty, and staff. For ease of access, most of our services are available online, including information on fees, course registration, academic dates and official documents such as transcripts. We maintain the accuracy and integrity of your academic information.


Registering for courses

Tuition and Fees

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Advising - Undergraduate Students

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Request for Academic Leave of Absence
  • The Academic Leave of Absence policy will only apply to students currently enrolled at St. Mark's College. Students who have compelling reasons may apply for an academic leave of absence.      

Information Release Form
  • To make any changes to the permissions you have agreed to on this form, you must submit a signed and dated information released form to St. Mark's College stating the amendments you want made.

Course Substitution Form

  • A Course Substitution determines whether a course, which is not part of the prescribed curriculum requirements of a program, can be used in place of a specific course in the program’s prescribed curriculum.

Canvas Self-Registration Guide
  • Canvas provides a secure, online classroom for each of your courses. Your instructors may use Canvas to communicate, share course materials, and assign learning activities for you to do. You can use features in Canvas to help keep track of your work, collaborate with classmates, and preview your grades. To be enrolled in the course, you will need to start with creating a CWL (Campus-Wide Login).

Bachelor of Arts Program Course Registration (For 1st and 2nd Year BA Students only)
  • If you would like to register for courses, please fill out the course registration form and send it back to the St. Mark's College Enrolment Services Office ([email protected])

    To change a registration after submission, please contact Enrolment Services in Room 306 or email [email protected]

Program Change Request Form
  • If you would like to change your program or continue your studies further (with another degree), please contact the Academic Advisor (undergraduate students) or the Dean of Theology (graduate students) for advice. Once it is confirmed, please fill out the program change request form and email it to [email protected]