Getting Involved

Student groups and clubs bring together students of similar interests to get involved on-campus and throughout the community.  Joining a group or club is an easy way to meet new people, create memories, supplement your co-curricular record and more!

Catholic Colleges’ Student Union (CCSU)

The Executive Council of the Catholic Colleges’ Student Union (CCSU) represents the official student government for the Catholic centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  The CCSU acts as a liaison for students of St. Mark’s College and Corpus Christi College, with the Colleges’ administration (President, Dean, Registrar, etc.) in matters related to academic policies and other policies that impact students including but not limited to: tuition increases, fees, classroom space, clubs and events, and more!  Committed to providing leadership development opportunities, social activities and engagement with groups represented on-campus, the CCSU strives to respond to the community needs of every student. Contact the CCSU

Curbside Outreach

We begin conversations and develop friendships with those who live difficult lives.  During the academic year, we are committed to a monthly food and fellowship gatherings at The Door Is Open, a drop-in center located in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown east side.