St. Mark’s College is the right place for you

Location - Learn on the UBC campus

St. Mark’s is located right on the UBC campus. That means we can offer our students the ‘best of both worlds’.

The experience of a big university campus – UBC – and many of the services and amenities UBC offers plus the experience of a smaller campus at St. Mark’s providing a more accessible, supportive learning environment, with smaller classes by design. Students are also eligible to take a UBC course as a visiting student.

Benefit from Your UBC Affiliate Status

As a St. Mark’s student, you are also a UBC affiliate student. That means you can take advantage of many UBC services:
•    Centre for Accessibility
•    Counselling
•    Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
•    Libraries
•    Recreation facilities
•    U-Pass
•    And much more

Participate in UBC Events and Clubs

While at St. Mark’s, you can attend UBC events like Storm the Wall and Student Nights at the Pit. You can also participate in organized UBC clubs, and organized intramural sports at UBC, such as volleyball, Ultimate, and more, in addition to the clubs at St. Mark’s.

Enjoy a vibrant community life

You can access our St. Mark's Student Life programs for social, personal, and spiritual support. Enjoy the Running Club, Pizza Days, Pumpkin Carving, International Food Forums, and much more. 

At the heart of our community is the St. Mark’s Parish, where liturgical services are offered throughout the week. The Pastoral team provides numerous opportunities for spiritual formation, service learning, and one-on-one guidance.  

Specialized Support Programs to Help You Succeed

Develop the skills you need to achieve your educational and career goals.

Get from Point A to Point B

If you already know what your end-goal is, we will help you get there.
If you do not know what your end-goal is yet, our program can help you figure out your educational and career goals – because we are committed to your success. Our experiential learning will give you the chance to try out different ideas, and our dedicated advisors will work directly with you.

Be a Name, Not a Number

You will be assigned your own academic advisor for individual attention and academic support. Professors will know you by name, and are often able to offer academic and career guidance. Through the volunteering and field-based experiences, you can get ideas of potential jobs. You can also find job opportunities at our Career Development Centre.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We offer a dedicated Financial Aid Advisor to help you navigate our scholarship and bursary application process, and apply for government financial aid programs.

A True Community Beyond the Classroom

Much more than time in the classroom.

Make a Difference

We focus on fostering:
•    Academic confidence
•    A nurturing community
•    Positive values
•    Social justice in action
•    Leadership skills

You will be joining a highly engaged group of students who are active members of their cohort, school and community.

Beyond the classroom, you can take advantage of experiences dedicated to building all important ‘soft-skills’ through active involvement – such as networking, on-the-job experience, campus life, teamwork and leadership skills.

Our students are encouraged to give back and make a difference in the world. You can take courses on pressing social issues, travel on service-learning trips, and give back to the less fortunate through a multitude of volunteer opportunities.