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Foundations of the Catholic Faith: Theology for Ministry

Are you currently involved in or discerning a call to ministry in a parish, school or pastoral office? Foundations of the Catholic Faith at St. Mark’s College will deepen your understanding and appreciation for the Catholic tradition.

Reflect on and respond to your baptismal calling to serve the Kingdom of God in the Church and in the world in a welcoming learning environment.

This course gives students an opportunity to reflect individually and collectively on their ministerial practice and is designed to help them refine their identities as disciples and ministers. Students will be introduced to several methods of theological reflection and discernment. The week will culminate with a full-day retreat that focuses on spirituality and integration.

The knowledge and skills developed over the course will not only benefit you, but also the communities you serve.

Build towards a Master's degree

If you are thinking about studying graduate theology and this is your first theology course, THEO 500: Theology for Ministry could be counted as the elective toward your master's degree.

Speak with the dean to learn more and to get permission to take the course for credit: [email protected]

Course details

Dates: October 1st to December 3, 2020 - Thursday evenings from 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: The course will now be offered virtually and taught synchronously
Instructors: Dr. Nick Olkovich, Father Nick Meisl
Cost: $450.00

Course goals

1.    To cultivate one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ;
2.    To develop a basic understanding of and deepening appreciation for the core elements of the Catholic tradition;
3.    To reflect, both individually and collectively, on the relationship between course content, Christian living and ministerial practice;
4.    To understand and articulate one’s identity as a disciple and minister called to serve the Kingdom of God in Church and world;
5.    To develop further one’s personal spirituality and to cultivate skills for theological reflection, prayer and discernment essential to effective ministry in the 21st century;
6.    To develop an appreciation for life-long learning and spiritual growth.

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About the Instructors

Fr. Nick Meisl teaches Scripture at Corpus Christi and St. Mark’s Colleges and serves in parish and high school ministry.

Dr. Nick Olkovich is an Assistant Professor and holds the Marie Anne Blondin Chair in Catholic Theology at St. Mark’s College. He has served as an RCIA Director, Youth Minister and Parish Catechist.


Please contact Dr. Lynda Robitaille at St. Mark’s College for information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-822-4463 Ext. 129