Request a Transcript

To order a transcript though St. Mark's College, you must have an active My LION (Learning Integrated Online Network) account. St. Mark's College My LION allows you access to your student records so that you can:
  • Request transcripts
  • Check grades
  • View financial transactions
  • Update your contact information

If you do not have an active My LION account, email [email protected] or call 604-822-4463 Ext. 111 and your account will be activated.

Directions for ordering a transcript online

  • LOGIN to My LION
  • CLICK "Official Transcript" on the left sidebar menu.
  • Enter the required information to request your transcript.
  • A standard request takes 5-7 business days to process plus mail delivery time.
  • A rush request takes 1 business day to process plus mail delivery time.
  • CLICK "Add this transcript request". Pay for your transcript with a credit card through your My LION SMC account by clicking on "Finances". The transcript request will not be processed until the payment is received.

What’s On Your Transcript?

With the exception of courses dropped within the add/drop period, all courses attempted or completed will appear on your academic record. Standing achieved in each course is expressed both as a percentage and a letter grade. Both individual term GPAs and a Cumulative GPA (CGPA) appear on your permanent academic record. All courses in which you are currently enrolled, but for which final grades are not yet available, will appear on your transcript with a standing of IP (In Progress).

Releasing Transcripts

If a student has an outstanding balance at the College or at the Micallef Library at St. Mark’s College, a grades report, transcript or graduation certificate will not normally be issued until the account is settled. Information concerning final grades is not released to an unauthorized person without written consent of the student.

Students Transferring to Other Institutions

Students preparing to transfer to another institution will normally order two sets of transcripts. Once a request and payment have been received, the Registrar’s Office will send the first set as early as the second week of classes of the student’s final term. It is the students’ responsibility to request the second transcript when final grades are released. There is a separate charge for each set of transcripts.

Storage of Academic Records

St. Mark's College maintains full student records for a minimum of seven years. After seven years, students’ records may be reduced to include only enrolment contracts, transcripts, and copies of diplomas (if issued).