Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I automatically get into UBC's Faculty of Education after completing the BA in Theology and Culture?

Those who have graduated with their B.A. from St. Mark's must apply to UBC's Faculty of Education (or elsewhere) as any other student does. The B.A. is recognized by the Faculty of Education at UBC.

Part of the St. Mark's B.A. program is the focus on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) with internship experiences in second year, and a pre-practicum in 4th year. These experiences give students a competitive advantage when applying to the Faculty of Education.

How will this degree help me get a teaching job in Catholic schools in British Columbia?

The BC Catholic school boards recognize this degree as giving a solid religious foundation for those preparing to be teachers, as well as a solid academic formation.

What can I expect from first and second year?

Expect to take sixty credits over the first two years. It is possible to take 5 courses each in Fall and Winter terms, leaving yourself free from May-August, or it is possible to spread courses throughout three or four terms and take fewer courses each term. Speak with an advisor to plan your schedule.

What can I expect from third and fourth year?

Third and fourth year consist of 63 credits, thus it is more than a full load of courses. Because of the way the courses are structured, expect to take 2 third year courses during your second or third year Summer term.
In your third year, 5 courses per term (Fall & Winter)
Spring (May-June) between third and fourth year, 2 courses
Fourth year,  4 courses per term (Fall & Winter) plus pre-practicum course (3 credits) over Fall & Winter Term

What is a Co-curricular Record (CCR)

A Co-curricular Record (CCR), in addition to one's academic transcript, tracks skills gained through activities completed by a student throughout their program, specifically activities that record growth in teaching as well as spiritual development.

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) allows students to find meaningful volunteer and work opportunities on and off campus, and have their experiences documented on an official, printed post-secondary record.