Spiritual Formation Program

Rooted in the Catholic faith and committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of every person, the spiritual formation program at St. Mark’s College provides opportunities for students to learn and engage in the rich spiritual traditions of our faith, Catholic social teaching, liturgy, and devotional prayer. Spiritual formation is an integral component of every academic program at St. Mark’s College.

On the Saturdays when class is scheduled, students and professors gather for a communal lunch followed by a mini-retreat spiritual formation session in the chapel before returning to classes in the afternoon.  The Saturday program is designed to help students, faculty and staff harmonize head knowledge with heart knowledge, integrating academic learning with lived faith experiences.  The program is grounded in scripture and offers various ways of encountering God and discerning God’s will for us, individually and communally.

The spiritual formation program teaches individuals how to foster a personal relationship with Jesus. The content is enriching personally and yet mission-oriented, suitable for principals to share with staff, educators to teach students, and ministerial leaders to guide parishioners.

The Campus Ministry team at St. Mark’s College includes ordained (Jesuits) and lay persons who accompany individuals on their spiritual journeys.  The Jesuit parish on campus enriches the spiritual formation program which is grounded in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. Explore current Spiritual Formation topics.