Sharing an “Inheritance of Faith”: Ambrose and Matilda Choi

The couple hope to support 20 organizations over a 20-year period, and then pass the project on to the next generation - their sons

"Even just a few people from a small community can contribute to the local community." - Ambrose Choi

After facing the challenges of immigrating to Canada from Korea in 2004, Ambrose and Matilda Choi chose to mark the 10th anniversary of their arrival in the country by expressing their gratitude.

"English has always been a burdensome challenge for us," said Ambrose, a parishioner of St. Mark's Parish. "However, at some point we resolved to put aside the language problem and take action instead. This attitude has made a world of difference in our life in Canada. We became grateful towards Canada and the Catholic Church. So on the occasion of our 10th anniversary of immigration to Canada, we conceived the idea of organizing a Charity Fundraising Concert."

The first concert was held on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at the Shaughnessy Golf Club. Fast-forward five years and the couple has held a fundraising event every year, with no signs of slowing down. Every year, the fundraiser is held on the first Saturday of May to celebrate the joy of Easter and the month of our Mother Mary.

"Our goal is to do this for the next 20 years and pass the project on to our sons as an 'inheritance' of faith," explained Ambrose.

Organizations supported have included Development & Peace Canada, Covenant House, St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, and PLAN (Disability Foundation). This year, the couple decided to turn their attention to Catholic higher education, choosing St. Mark's College and Corpus Christi College as the recipients.

"The Catholic education system, with its focus on the humanities and forming future leaders, is a very useful and good system," said Ambrose.

"I studied at Sogang University, which is a Jesuit University in Korea. And my two sons studied at Vancouver College. I hope that our guests will be interested in learning more about the benefits of Catholic higher education and leadership programs at St. Mark's College and Corpus Christi College."

The Choi's yearly event always features fine dining accompanied by highly accomplished musicians.

"We decided to have a quality concert with musicians of high calibre and with fine dining, and to donate to an organization that helps those in most need. We wanted to show society that ordinary immigrants like us also could organize an event like this and make a meaningful contribution to society. And to do so as Catholics was important for us."

Ambrose and Matilda's 5th Annual...

Benefiting Leadership Programs at Corpus Christi College and St. Mark's College at UBC
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