Every student from inaugural St. Mark’s Bachelor of Arts program accepted to UBC Faculty of Education

Vancouver, BC - June 5, 2017 St. Mark’s College’s celebrated the graduation of its inaugural class from the new Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Culture program. The graduates, all aspiring teachers wanting to teach in Catholic, faith-based, or public schools in British Columbia, received a BA with teaching concentrations in English, History (Socials), and Catholic Studies.

The small, cohort-style learning environment provided one-on-one support from professors, and a dedicated group of peers to study with. A unique hands-on, pre-practicum placement in Vancouver schools helped give the students valuable teaching experience before starting their B.Ed., and an advantage while applying to UBC. The graduates have all been accepted to the UBC Faculty of Education to complete their teaching degrees, and are looking forward to learning together again as an “amazing cohort family”.

Doug Lauson, former Superintendent of the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese endorsed the program saying, “It has been the long-time dream of several archbishops to have a Catholic school in Vancouver that helps prepare Catholic teachers to teach in our 78 Catholic schools. I look forward to seeing the program's graduates enter the Catholic school system."

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About the Graduates

Patricia Berlanga – Patricia joined St. Mark’s College after attending Douglas College. Her favorite moments from her time at St. Mark's include a trip to Bard on the Beach with her English class and her newfound ability to be able to present on any topic. She is excited to continue her education and become a teacher.

Alexandra Glinsbockel - Alexandra Glinsbockel is an aspiring Catholic educator whose vocation is rooted in faith and a passion for literature. With interests that range from travelling to writing, her hobbies perpetuate her passion for people and for community. Alexandra's educational philosophy is articulated best by Thomas Groom as a "holistic formation... for life for all," and by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” Alexandra's pursuit for excellence in teaching and learning has led her to UBC's Bachelor of Education program.

Douglas Pham - Douglas Pham delights in Catholicism, the outdoors, and education. Prior to attending St. Mark’s, Douglas attended Corpus Christi College where he was the recipient of the Honourable Raymond J. Perrault Award for Catholic Citizenship. From his studies, he has a greater appreciation of history, and the great importance of the task of education as communicating the faith and knowledge. After St. Mark's BA in Theology and Culture and formation in UBC's education program, he hopes to teach in the Catholic elementary school system.

Valerie Sin - Outside of St. Mark’s, Valerie can either be found volunteering with the Southlands Therapeutic Riding Society (STARS) or hanging out with the farm animals at Southlands Heritage Farm. She is extremely grateful for the immense level of support she has gotten from everyone who has been a part of her journey as a budding educator, as well as for her amazing cohort family with whom she has had the blessing of learning and growing.

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