Dr. Paul C. Burns Appointed Interim Principal of Saint Mark’s College

October 24, 2013. Dr. Paul C. Burns has been appointed as Interim Principal of Saint Mark’s College and Interim President of Corpus Christi College. He will assume these responsibilities on November 15, 2013.

Current Principal of Saint Mark’s College and President of Corpus Christi College , Rev. Dr. Mark A. Hagemoen, was recently appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie - Fort Smith, based in Yellowknife.

Dr. Burns is an accomplished academic and has published books and numerous articles in the fields of Classics and Theology. He has been a faculty member at a number of leading universities in British Columbia and is currently Emeritus Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. Accordingly, Dr. Burns brings to the Colleges considerable experience in academic administration and program development.

“Dr. Burns has been a strong supporter of Saint Mark’s College over the last four decades, and has served the College in various capacities at different times, including academic teaching, administration, and advising,” commented Michelle Chang, Board Chair.

The Board has commenced the transition process, as well as the search process for a permanent replacement for the Bishop-elect.

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