Catholic Philosophy for the Rest of Us: Applying Principles to Everyday Life

Join Dr. Sam Rocha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Education at UBC, for sessions exploring and introducing philosophy and education in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Did you know that Catholic clergy are all required to study philosophy? And for good reason: It is an important skill for personal formation valued by the Church.

The approachable and short text for this course, written by Dr. Rocha — along with short lectures, exercises, and time for questions — will give access to philosophy for laypeople, too, rooted in a deeply Catholic understanding of education. This is not a class for experts. All ages and backgrounds are welcome. Each student will receive a copy of Dr. Rocha’s book, A Primer for Philosophy and Education.

Dates:Three Tuesdays – February 17, 24 and March 3   

Time:7:00 – 9:00 pm

Place:Immaculate Conception Parish, 3778 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (Dunbar neighbourhood)

Cost:$65 (includes book)

For more info, email [email protected] or contact Saint Mark’s College at 604-822-4463.

About Dr. Rocha

Dr. Rocha is a Catholic philosopher of education in the faculty of education at UBC. His interest and expertise in this topic stems from his lifelong work to translate the Catholic intellectual tradition into something approachable and worthwhile for lay persons. His two most recent works, a short book on philosophy and education and a soul album of music based on St. Augustine’s Confessions, are evidence of this aspect of his ministry. For more about Dr. Rocha, visit his website:

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