The St. Francis of Assisi Exchange with Sultan Malek Al-Kamil


We live in a multicultural world. Francis and the Sultan offer a healthy model to interact with people of different cultures and religions.

Monday, February 13, 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Cost: Free

In this talk Fr. Dan Gurnick will discuss the meeting of St. Francis of Assisi with Sultan Malek al-Kamil eight centuries ago, when Francis crossed the battlefield between Crusader and Muslim forces near Damietta, Egypt, seeking to meet with and preach his faith in Jesus Christ.

The future saint risked his life so he could witness his faith to the famed Muslim sultan and both Francis and the Sultan came away with a new respect for the faith of the other. This talk will provide practical, healthy ways to interact with people of different cultures and religions based on this famous encounter.

Fr. Dan Gurnick, OFM

Fr. Dan Gurnick, OFM grew up on an acreage near Rocky Mountain House, AB, with his parents, an older sister and a younger brother . After high school, he did many different types of work such as: sawmill worker, oil patch worker, paintball field owner/operator, landlord, construction worker and support worker for the mentally disabled. He received an Architectural technology diploma. Despite all these occupations and diplomas, his heart longed for something different.

After studying for the diocese of Edmonton for one year and a trip to Peru, he found himself on the doorstep of the Franciscans of Canada. He was in Franciscan formation and studied for six years before making his solemn profession in August 2009. In January 2010, he was ordained a priest. In August 2016, he moved to Mount St. Francis and joined the retreat team. He assists young adults with vocational discernment, and journeys with people in the twelve-step program. He enjoys weight training, hiking, gardening, snowboarding, and skiing.


Emphasizing the importance of listening, reflecting, learning, discussing and praying, St. Mark’s Centre for Christian Engagement seeks to enable the creation of a culture of encounter and dialogue by creating opportunities to address the challenges associated with the disengagement of Christians from the Church and the life of faith.


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