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Wilfred Victoria

Wilfred settled in Canada from the Philippines with wife Evelyn and two children in 2005. Like many immigrants, Wilfred and family had a challenging first years trying to get started in a new country. What became a big help was the connection with the church. Settling in the city of Richmond, Wilfred heard daily mass at the St. Monica parish. An announcement was made one day for help needed in the production of the parish bulletin. Wilfred volunteered to help. Together with a fellow who did media design, the two started to produce the parish bulletin every week. This lasted for 10 straight years. Wilfred then became part of the Parish Pastoral Council and the core team that started the RCIA program of the parish.

It was in one RCIA session where the diaconate program of the Archdiocese was discussed. Wilfred and wife Evelyn briefly discussed it with no plans to make it move. Fast-forward three years later when Wilfred met a deacon through a friend visiting from Vienna. During a Skytrain ride, the diaconate program was discussed. Things accelerated from there and after several interviews, Wilfred became part of Cohort 3 to take the 4-year Pastoral Ministry program at St. Marks.