BA Seminar in Faith Development

Committed to the care and development of the whole person, faith development is the intentional practice of setting aside time to engage in conversations about life, faith, and our own personal relationship with Jesus.

Features of the BA Seminar in Faith Development

Faith Development is for everyone. It is in the very nature of being human to desire to be in relationship with others, and this distinguishes humans from other creatures. Each encounter shapes every person, whether we realize it or not. 

Faith Development is a journey. It takes time. The notion that life itself, or a life of faith, is a journey to a hoped-for purpose or destination is common to many cultures and religious traditions. Faith development, integrates faith-based discussions, reflective exercises, prayer, retreats, and participating in a community, to support every person in answering the question: What is my life's purpose?

The goal is to always grow in relationship with Jesus. The constant truth proclaimed throughout the Christian tradition is that a personal relationship with Jesus is possible. It is through this living relationship in faith that discovering one's individual identity and life's purpose may truly be realized. Who is Jesus to me?

How does it work?

In Fall and Winter terms, students in the BA program gather for four sessions of this inspiring BA Seminar. The mark is a pass/fail, based primarily on attendance and participation. Different themes and questions are introduced for small and large group discussions. These discussions aim to link academic and spiritual growth to focus on the questions of what academic studies have to do with spiritual and life goals.

The faith development program is designed to instruct and support students as they grow in their faith journeys, wherever they may be in that journey.