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Degree Framework

There is no breadth requirement for BA students at St. Mark’s College. Students must, however, keep in mind that upper-level courses (i.e. courses with 300 and 400 numbers) have prerequisites.

First and Second Year

54-60 credits inclusive of the the following 100- and 200-level course requirements specific for the BA degree. Specific pre-requisites are required for entry to 300 and 400 level courses. 

English (12 credits)

       6 credits of first year English
       6 credits of second year English/Literature

Religion (9 credits)

Philosophy (9 credits)

History (12 credits)

       6 credits history courses must be Canadian Content

Geography (6 credits)

Social Sciences (6 credits)

Lab Requirement (3 credits)

Third and Fourth Year

Catholic Theological Studies (21 credits)

Theology: Religious Education

    RLED 410: Philosophy of Catholic Education


    THEO 451: Biblical Studies
    THEO 402: God, Christ, Church

Theology: History

    HIST 425: Church History

Theology: Education

    EDUC 410: Issues in Religion and Curriculum
    EDUC 420: Foundations of Catholic Education in Canada
    EDUC 430: Curriculum & Instruction/Pre-Practicum

English (24 credits)

English Language (6 cr):

    ENGL 312: History of the English Language (6 credits)

English Literature pre-1900 (6cr - choose 2 courses):

    ENGL 316: Chaucer and the Middle Ages
    ENGL 318: Old English Beowolf in Translation
    ENGL 448: Shakespeare, Genre, and Religion

English Literature post-1900 (6cr):

    ENGL 415 Children’s Literature After 1900
    ENGL 417: Studies in Contemporary Canadian Aboriginal Literature

English (6cr - choose 2):

    ENGL 319: English Renaissance and Reformation Literature
    ENGL 419: Faith, Science, and Culture in Victorian Literature
    ENGL 420: Darwin and the Victorians
    ENGL 421: Tragedy & Film

History (18 credits)

Canadian History:

    HIST 301:British Columbia (6 cr)

European History:

    HIST 311: Britain and European Relations 1750 – 1850
    HIST 312: Britain and European Relations 1850 – 1918
    HIST 313: Britain and European Relations 1945 – present

History of ANY region other than Canada or Europe:

    HIST 401: Modern East Asia
    HIST 425: Church History (This course can be counted as either a Theology OR a History credit)

Transfer students wishing to enter 300- or 400-level courses who do not have the exact prerequisites outlined above will be asked to demonstrate to the Dean that they have the necessary pre-knowledge to be successful in the course they wish to take. If they do not, they may be asked to take any prerequisites deemed necessary by the Dean.