The Door is Open 

We engage students, faculty, and staff from our campus community with our brothers and sisters in need who frequent The Door Is Open, a drop-in centre located in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. We hope to promote meaningful encounter through food and fellowship.

The Giving Truck

This non-profit organization aims to inspire youth to random acts of kindness and give back to the community by volunteering time, talent, and material donations to brighten up the day of populations experiencing homelessness and marginalization in our society.


Social Connections is an immersive activity that engages students and staff from our campus community with L’Arche Greater Vancouver, an intentional community where adults with developmental disabilities and those who come to assist them, share life together.


This is an immersive experience at Vancouver Special Catechesis (VANSPEC), an alternative religious education program, with young people who benefit from one-to-one preparation to receive the sacraments. Students and staff engage in a low sensory environment in a one-to-one setting.

Service Learning & Mission Trips

‘Service Learning’ is a pedagogy of teaching and learning that enhances in-class instruction with meaningful community-based experiences.  Meaning or finding purpose is the result of developing relationships that are built upon trust; that encourage reciprocal dialogue and understanding about different cultures, different faith traditions, and different life experiences; and that foster partnerships through the spirit of collaboration.

Service Learning programs immerse students in community settings to build meaningful relationships, and develop new insights about various cultures and faith traditions. Learn more.

Additional Opportunities

Committed to pursuing the values of equality, diversity, encounter, and dialogue, we welcome ideas and suggestions for developing faith and outreach opportunities.

Please relay ideas and suggestions to the Campus Ministry Office