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Susan Sousa 

“My Master’s degree has made me a better teacher, deepened my understanding of our faith, and opened new career opportunities.”


• English and Christian Education teacher and Head of the Christian Education Department, Holy Cross Regional Sec¬ondary School, Surrey, BC.  
• Member, lector, and extraordinary minister of the Eucharist at the Star of the Sea/Good Shepherd parish; member of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada (CWL).

What drew you to St. Mark’s?

I expressed interest in pursuing my Master’s Degree to my prin¬cipal, who suggested I take a look at St. Mark’s. He thought there was a program there that would speak to me. He was right. I was really excited to be accepted into the program, yet ap-prehensive about my academic abilities. I hadn’t been a student since the 1980s.

How did you benefit from your graduate studies?

Almost immediately I became a better teacher. I was able to share both what I was learning and how I was learning with colleagues and students alike. It has opened new career opportunities. Becoming a principal in a Catholic school in BC is now an option for me, should I decide to pursue it.

Main highlights?

My instructors were very knowledgeable, experts in their areas, generous with their time and support, enthusiastic, professional and friendly. At my first two alma maters, I am known by my student number; yet when I walk the halls of St. Mark’s, I am Susan. I am a part of a community.