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Stacey Rhodes-Nesset

“The learning was rich, sound, and invigorating for the life of lay ministry to which I feel called.”


• Clinical instructor at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene Degree Program and clinical hygienist at the BC Cancer Agency in the Oral Oncology Department. Regularly volunteers in the underserved communities of Haida Gwaii.
• Serves on both the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission and Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, is an active member of the CWL; teaches Adult Faith Formation sessions at Star of the Sea Parish.

What drew you to St. Mark’s?

I chose St. Mark’s because of its Basilian foundation, inclusivity, and the diversity of its programs and educators.

How did you benefit from your graduate studies?

My faith life has certainly been deepened by the experience. I also continue to value the importance of service to others. The theology and my dental hygiene profession have been a wonderful merger in my work at the Cancer Agency and also the Free Dental Clinics I volunteer at.

Main highlights?

The research and writing knowledge required of a graduate program has enabled me to work at UBC and be published in a scientific journal.
I have also been developing a clinical care aspect of dental hygiene that focuses on clinical compassion. My motivation for this key concept is the Catholic theology of the mercy and love of God.