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Lisa Bond

“St. Mark’s has taught me the importance of life-long learning in all areas of my development – intellectual, spiritual and social.”


• Vice-Principal, Teacher-Librarian, and Learning Resource Teacher at Our Lady of Sorrows School.
• Involved in Archdiocesan-mandated child abuse prevention program “I’m a Gift from God”, including developing new Kindergarten and Grade 2 components and in-servicing for K-3 teachers throughout province.

What drew you to St. Mark’s?

I looked into various Master’s Programs and heard good things about St. Mark’s programs from other teachers and friends.

How did you benefit from your studies?

Personally, I grew closer to my family due to their constant support and encouragement. Professionally, I found a lot of what I learned was immediately applicable to my teaching.
Academically, I seemed to pick up where I left off as a student, although learning seemed to take a little longer.

Main highlights?

I thought that because I was raised Catholic, attended a Catholic school, and work in the Catholic school system, I would already know and understand a great deal; however, I learned so much more, not only about Church teachings, but also about my personal faith formation. I also met great people and formed at least two life-long friendships. I enjoy sharing my personal and professional experiences from St. Mark’s.