Graduate Tuition and Fees

Domestic Student Tuition
Cost Per Credit
Tuition for Credit
$370 per credit
Tuition for Audit
$185 per credit

International Student TuitionCost Per Credit
Tuition for Credit
$1,110 per credit
Tuition for Audit
$185 per credit
Senior students receive a 20% discount on domestic and international tuition.

Application Fees

Domestic Students (non-refundable, one-time)$75
International Students (non-refundable, one-time)$75
Registration Deposit (One-time, non-refundable; credited towards tuition if student enrolls)$150

St. Mark's College Student Fees

Student Fees

Registration Fee (per term)$50
Library/Technology Fee (per term) 
Activity Fee (per term)$50
Capstone Course Fee for Theology Programs* (per instance)$1000
Capstone Course Continuance Fee (per term after first extension)$500

UBC Alma Mater Society Membership (updated Fall 2022)

Extended Health and Dental ** (per year)$277.50 ($185 for Winter intake)
U-Pass ** (per term)$176.80 ($44.20 per month starting Summer 1 2022)
AMS ** (per year)$220

Administrative Fees

Official Transcript (per request)
Rush order
Confirmation of Enrolment (per request)$5
Letter of Permission (per request)$10
Graduation Fee
Non-Sufficient Funds Charge

All prices are shown in Canadian Dollars (CDN) unless otherwise indicated, subject to change without notice, and subject to applicable taxes. St. Mark's College reserves the right to correct errors.

*Fees not applicable to students admitted before September 1, 2014

**Rates are set by UBC/AMS and subject to change.