A Word of Welcome from the College Principal

Dear Students and Friends,


Welcome to St. Mark’s College, the Catholic Theological College affiliated with the University of British Columbia. Founded in the 1950s, St. Mark’s College offers both graduate degrees and continuing education programs that are grounded in the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition.

With our dedicated professors and instructors and engaged students, we continue to promote our academic programs in Theological Studies, Religious Education, Catholic Educational Leadership, Pastoral Studies, and the intellectual preparation of candidates for the Permanent Diaconate.

We recently launched a new program, a BA in Theology and Culture designed specifically for people who wish to go into the teaching profession. The Faculty of Education at UBC has approved this new program, and will welcome applications from graduates.

In recent visits to Catholic high schools, I was impressed by the enthusiastic welcome from our alumni/ae and their Principals. The Superintendents of Catholic Schools throughout BC have expressed strong interest in our graduates. Consider joining us in one of these adventures in Catholic post-secondary education.

"St. Mark’s College has been raised to ‘candidate status’: the first major step to being accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). The College is now working hard to fulfill the requirements to achieve full ATS status.

The College continues to develop its course and program offerings by integrating education with professional and spiritual development. This is reflected in the following priorities:

  • Responding to the ongoing educational needs of Catholic teachers
  • Responding to the academic and formational needs of church and diocesan lay employees and volunteers
  • Building and diversifying diploma and graduate degree programs (Master of Arts in Theology Studies, Pastoral Studies, Religious Education) to better meet student learning and access
  • Providing ongoing academic support to clergy
  • Providing ongoing academic support to Catholic lay professionals.

While this is an ambitious agenda, it is all the more necessary as St. Mark’s College assists the Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the other dioceses that make up the Province of British Columbia in providing needed and vital ongoing Catholic academic formation.

If you are a student or ongoing learner seeking theological and/or religious education, I invite you to seriously consider the programs of St. Mark’s College.



Dr. Peter Meehan
Principal, St. Mark’s College