Student Services

St. Mark's offers numerous services to our students. As an affiliate college of UBC, we are also able to offer access to many UBC services and amenities.

When you enrol as a St. Mark's student, you will receive a UBC Affiliate card:

Instructions for receiving and activating your affiliate UBC Student Card and Compass Card

For more information on our student services, please contact our Office of the Dean of Students at



Academic Advising

Every student at St. Mark’s College has academic support. You can speak to your advisor about your program by emailing or calling 604-822-4463.

Centre for Academic Development and Computer Lab

The Centre for Academic Development is available to undergraduate and graduate students as a Study Hall and as a learning resource that connects students with programs and services at the Catholic Colleges and through the UBC Learning Commons: tutoring, writing assistance along with access to information and workshops on study and research skills. Students can also access the Computer Lab in Room 103 for research, writing papers and online courses. For more info, contact

Campus Life & Ministry

The Campus Life & Ministry team of St. Mark’s College and Corpus Christi College has supported student life, including the faith journey of registered students and all who visit our campus, for over 60 years. We continue to do so as a team comprising the Director of the Campus Life & Ministry Office, the Campus Minister (St. Mark’s Parish Pastor and the Roman Catholic Chaplain to UBC), and Parish staff. For more information, contact the Campus Life & Ministry Office at


St. Mark's

St. Mark’s students have access to the St. Mark’s Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library, as well as the entire UBC library system. Orientations for the Micallef Library are available every term. To obtain a St. Mark’s library card and account, which enables borrowing throughout the Consortium of Theological Schools (St. Mark’s, VST, Regent), please contact St. Mark’s library staff

UBC Library

St. Mark’s students can access the UBC Libraries, which make up the second-largest group of research-intensive libraries in Canada. There are multiple library locations on the UBC campus. The affiliated UBC Student Card that you receive also functions as your UBC library card. 

Computer Lab

SMC students have access to technology resources in addition to the computers in the SMC Library. The Computer Lab located in Room 103 can used by students for research, papers and online courses. The Computer Lab is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm unless the lab has been booked by a professor. Set up your user account at the Welcome Centre.

Financial Aid and Awards

To discuss financial support to complete your studies, contact Enrolment Services.


St. Mark's is no longer ordering textbooks through the UBC bookstore, as the majority of our students order their own textbooks online or purchase them elsewhere. Book lists will continue to be published on the St. Mark's website, and you can check those lists when you register for your classes. Students are responsible for ordering their own textbooks.

Printing and Photocopying

Students wishing to use the photocopier or print documents in the Micallef library can set up user accounts through the Welcome Centre.

Wireless Network

The St. Mark’s wireless network is accessible throughout the St. Mark’s campus. Visit the Welcome Centre for network info, or call 604-822-4463.


Parking is available for St. Mark’s Graduate students during class time, if there are vacancies. Contact the Welcome Centre to receive a parking pass, otherwise your car may be towed. A 2-hour parking pass is available from the Welcome Centre for students using the library on weekdays - parking is subject to availability.

U-Pass BC - Available at the UBC Bookstore

The U-Pass BC program is a comprehensive transportation service that provides students with universal, accessible, and affordable access to the public transit system. Load your U-Pass BC to your Compass Card each month here.

Alma Mater Society (AMS) (UBC)

As a student attending an affiliated college of UBC, St. Mark’s students become members of the UBC AMS. The AMS is the official student union of UBC and represents over 50,000 students and alumni.

AMS Clubs (UBC)

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities is an enriching part of the university experience.

Counselling, Health and Wellness (UBC) - Located at UBC Hospital and Brock Hall

St. Mark’s students have access to the UBC Student Health Services located at the UBC Hospital and UBC Counseling Services located in Brock Hall.

Academic Accommodations (UBC) - Located at Brock Hall

Support services for students with physical and learning disabilities are available at St. Mark’s. Students with Independent Education Plans or documentation related to their disabilities should the Access & Diversity Office located in Brock Hall at least three months before classes start to verify support services to be provided at St. Mark’s. For more information, contact Enrolment Services at St. Mark's.

Sports and Fitness (UBC)

St. Mark’s students have the option to pay the UBC Athletic and Recreation fee. By paying this fee, a St. Mark’s student will be able to use UBC Athletic and Recreation services, such as the swimming pool, the Bird Coop and the gyms, at UBC student prices. Intramural participation requires payment of the optional UBC Athletics and Recreation fee.

Health and Dental Insurance (UBC) - Office located at the NEST

As members of the AMS, St. Mark’s students enroll in the AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan with extended health and dental coverage. The plan is specifically designed to cover expenses not included in basic medical coverage: prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, travel health insurance and more. Your Plan gives you the option to enroll your family (spouse and/or dependents) by completing an enrolment process and by paying an additional fee.

Opting Out of Health and Dental Insurance

Students who already have comprehensive coverage are permitted to opt out of the Health and Dental Plan. Those wishing to opt out must pay all fees and apply for a refund. Opting out can only be done during the change of coverage period. Opt-out refunds are controlled by UBC's Health and Dental Plan offices, not St. Mark’s.