UBC Services

Saint Mark's College students are able to participate in on campus activities, events, and services offered by the University. Through our partnership with UBC affiliate St. Mark’s College, Saint Mark's students are eligible to become members of the UBC Alma Mater Society (the University's student association), and receive many of the same opportunities as UBC students.

Check out some of the benefits:

Upass Bus Pass

The U-Pass Program is a comprehensive transportation package that provides students with universal, accessible, and affordable access to public transit. The U-Pass is hugely beneficial to students and the environment. SMC students have unlimited access to TransLink Bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus services (all zones), as well as discounted West Coast Express fares.

Please check here for eligibility and exemption rules: http://www.upass.ubc.ca/exemptions-and-subsidies/

If you have any questions about your UPass, contact SMC Enrolment Services at ecanlas@saintmarkscollege.ca

Library Services

SMCstudents have access not only to our Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library, but also to the entire UBC Library system. UBC Library is the second largest research intensive library in Canada. With more than 20 branches and divisions, 5.4 million books, 5.2 million mircrofoms, more than 808,000 maps, audio, video and graphic materials, and nearly 56,000 serial subscriptions, SMC students will be able to find exactly what they need for all their research assignments


As members of the AMS, SMC students have access to on-campus facilities at UBC including the UBC Aquatic Centre, the UBC Student Union Building, and Brock Hall Student Resources Centre, just to name a few. In academic year 2013-2014, SMC students will be eligible to receive UBC student rates at the BirdCoop Fitness Centre.


Get involved in campus life by joining one of the hundreds of clubs available!

Intramurals and Athletics

Staying fit and having fun are integral parts of Saint Mark's student life. Visit our Intramurals page for more information.

Health and Dental Plan

Keeping healthy is always important. SMCstudents enroll in the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan with extended health and dental coverage. The plan is specifically designed to cover expenses not included in basic medical coverage: prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, travel health, and more. For more information about the plan, claims forms, and coverage details, visit Student Care or drop by the Health and Dental Plan office on campus (SUB Room 68).

Health Services Facilities

Need medical attention? SMC students do not have to travel far for medical assistance. Student Health Service (SHS) operates a clinic on the main floor of UBC Hospital. All SMC students are eligible to use SHS as a family physician while studying.

Student Resources Centre

Saint Mark's College is committed to the academic success of students with disabilities. SMC students have access to the UBC Student Resources Centre, which includes the Access and Diversity-Disability Resource Centre. Students who face physical and learning-related challenges are able to use a variety of services. Check the DRC website for more information about what is available.