International Students

St. Mark’s College welcomes applications from international students. International students follow the College’s application procedure, including submitting proof of citizenship and English language proficiency.

Candidates for admission to Saint Mark’s College must be sufficiently fluent in both spoken and written English to participate actively in seminars, and to meet the demands of essays and examinations. Applicants with degrees obtained from accredited universities where English was the language of instruction will be deemed to have met the English requirement. Applicants with 75% or higher in BC English 12 (or equivalent) will also be deemed to have met the English requirement. All other applicants will be asked to demonstrate their English proficiency by completing one of the following at the minimum levels indicated:

TOEFL (paper-based) 590
TWE   5
TOEFL (computer-based) 237
TWE   5
TOEFL (internet-based) 88
IELTS   6.5 overall

81 overall


Test scores must have been achieved within 24 months of the time of submission of your application. Do not send photocopies: official scores must be requested from the testing agency, and submitted at the time of your application.