Graduate Studies

Admission to Degree Programs, Graduate programs or Special Student Status normally requires an undergraduate degree or the equivalent from a recognized college or university in Canada or the United States, or a degree which, in the judgment of St. Mark’s College Senate, is of equivalent standing. Students should normally have a B average in their first degree.

Candidates should be fluent enough in English to be able to participate actively in seminars and in writing essays and examinations. Candidates may therefore be required to demonstrate their English language proficiency by taking the Corpus Christi College English Placement Test and/or submitting scores from a standardized language proficiency test such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

Non-Traditional Learners

Candidates without an appropriate undergraduate degree may apply to the program as non-traditional learners. Under special circumstances, some students may be admitted without a first degree at the discretion of the Senate of St. Mark’s College. However, the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada limit the number of students admissible without a first degree to 10 percent of the total number of students in degree and graduate diploma programs.