Religious Education


Master of Arts in Religious Education 

42 credits

CORE COURSES (27 credits)

PHIL 501: Philosophical Themes in Catholic Theology

THEO 501: Foundations of Theology

SCRI 500: Introduction to Old Testament

SCRI 510: Introduction to New Testament

THEO 510: Christology and Trinity

THEO 530: Christian Morality

THEO 540: Liturgy and Sacraments 

HIST 505: History of the Church

THEO 551: Ecclesiology of Vatican II



RLED 512: Catechetics

CALR 526: Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation in Catholic schools 

CALR 510: Leadership and Aims of Catholic Education


ELECTIVE (3 credits)

Any 500-level SMC course


Note: If a student wishes to take an elective course with the other Theological Colleges, the Dean’s approval is needed.



MTHD: Basic Research Skills Modules

2 obligatory basic research modules: Basic A & B

Recommended module: Basic C: How to write papers


RMTHD: Advanced Research Skills Modules

5 obligatory Advanced modules, which must include:

Module 3: Library Research for a Thesis

Module 4: Advanced research and writing skills


Working with a ‘professor of record’ on annotated bibliographies, etc.


RLED 600: Field-Based Learning Project (3 credits)