Admission & Registration Policies


Normally full attendance is required for all courses. A student who is unable to attend a class must give the professor a valid reason, preferably in advance, and consult with the professor to make up the work missed. If a student expects to miss more than one-third of the classes for a given course, he or she should not register for it.


The student and instructor must agree on the requirements of an audit for the course. The student may change status from audit to credit or credit to audit on or before the end of the add/drop period. The change from audit status to credit status must occur before the official adding and dropping date. The change from audit status to credit status does not mean a student receives an extension on their assignments.

Adding or Dropping a Course

A student who wishes to drop a course must inform the respective instructor of their intention to drop.
Changes must be made before the end of the add/drop date. If a student drops a course before the beginning of the course, they will be charged an administrative fee. If a student drops after the official adding and dropping date, there will be no refund on the tuition paid.

Course Cancellation

SMC reserves the right to change any course schedule and cancel a class. Students will be notified by the Office of Enrolment Services in the event of any changes or cancellations.

Credential Completion

The degree requirements in effect at the time of initial registration will ordinarily be followed, provided the student completes the master’s degree within eight years or the certificate or diploma within six years. Consultation with the graduate advisor will ensure that all degree requirements are met in time. It will also assist the student in clarifying goals and planning a study program.