Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation

How is transforming BC Education going to TRANSFORM you and your practice? Are you ready for the new curriculum and assessment models?

Whether you are a school principal, teacher leader, or graduate student, Catholic Leadership 526 is designed to help you ask questions, dialogue, and innovate with colleagues about curriculum, assessment, and evaluation.

BC’s Education Plan – Focus on Learning – is re-conceptualizing education, which means the traditional “implementation of the curriculum” will no longer suffice. From Big Ideas to Core Competencies, the BCEd Plan is re-designing the provincial curriculum, provincial assessments, and the graduation program to meet the learning needs of our students in the 21st Century. The central focus of the BCEd Plan is personalized learning. What will transforming education look like in your school, classroom, and staff room?

CALR 526: Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation

This course is designed to review the BCEd Plan and its “implementation” in schools. This course is also a professional learning opportunity for educators and educational leaders to collaborate, join in the conversation about the BCEd Plan, reimagine what teaching and learning will look like – post-transformation – and develop strategies to support teachers, parents, and students throughout the transformation.

What is different (or the same) about the new curriculum? How will teachers assess and evaluate
curricular competencies? What structures and strategies will be required to transform education? How will you prepare to lead and Transform BC Education in your classroom or school?


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