Transfer Options

Students can start their studies at Corpus Christi College or any other university-transfer college. They can then transfer directly into 3rd year at St. Mark’s to complete the final two years of their Bachelor’s degree. Once they have earned their BA, students can apply to UBC’s education program.

Notes: Students can choose not to pursue an education program once they’ve graduated with their BA. As with other recognized Bachelor’s degrees, the St. Mark’s BA provides an excellent academic path into the general arts, humanities, and social sciences, or to numerous career paths.


Transfer Options for a St. Mark’s Bachelor of Arts Degree (4-year degree):


·       2 years of university-transfer studies + 2 years at St. Mark’s

·       1 year of university-transfer studies + 1 year at Corpus Christi College + 2 years at St. Mark’s

·       2 years at Corpus Christi College + 2 years at St. Mark’s