Applicants from Other Canadian Institutions

Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Culture

Students who have completed their two years post-secondary studies from a recognized college or university college in BC are guaranteed full transfer credit (54-60 credits). Students must still satisfy all 100- and 200-level course requirements specific for the BA degree.

Course credits required for the program:
       English (12 credits):
       6 credits of first year English
       6 credits of second year English/Literature
       Religion (9 credits)
       Philosophy (9 credits)
       History (12 credits):
       6 credits history courses must be Canadian Content
       Geography (6 credits)
       Social Sciences (6 credits)

       Lab Requirement (3 credits): (note Geog 102/103 can be counted here) & Math Requirement (3            credits) (MS/ES EDUC Req)


Missing a required course? Contact Advising

Applicants who may need to satisfy lower level course requirements may take the course/s at Corpus Christi College.

A minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent is required for admission to the program.