Public Lectures and Events

St. Mark's College regularly holds public lectures and courses on topics of broad interest. We can also bring one of our speakers to your parish or community!

Upcoming Events

February 1

Dinner on the Drive: Molto Italiano


February 2

Public Lecture - Speaking About God: Mercy Matters

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Previous Events and Offerings

Carr Lecture Series

The Carr Lectures, co-sponsored by St. Mark's College and the Newman Association of Vancouver, celebrate the legacy of  Fr. Henry Carr, a Basilian priest who was instrumental for Catholic education in Canada


Rev. James Hanrahan, CSB

Principal, St. Mark’s College


Lecture: Christian Wisdom and Secular Knowledge

Lecture: Unfinished Business: Contemporary Concerns



Dr. Suzanne Scorsone

Director of Communications and Catholic Family Life Office, Archdiocese of Toronto

Commissioner, Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies (Baird Commission)


Lecture: New Reproductive Technologies and the Definition of Family

Lecture: New Reproductive Technologies and the Incarnation



Judge John T. Noonan

Consultant, Papal Commission for Study of Problems of Population, Family and Birth

Editor, Natural Law Forum, Natural Law Institute, Notre Dame Law School

Author, Contraception: A History of Its Treatment by the Catholic Theologians and Canonists


Lecture: The Nature of the Natural Law

Lecture: The Development of Moral Doctrine



Archbishop Marcel Gervais

President, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops


Lecture: The Sanctity of Christian Family Life

Lecture: Christian Humanism and Family Life



Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ

Astronomer, The Vatican Observatory


Lecture: Pluto and the Vatican: How Do Science and Religion Handle Changes in Our Understanding of Reality

Lecture: Discarded Worlds: Astronomical Ideas that Were Almost Correct


In partnership with the UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy



Sr. Nuala Kenny, OC, BA, MD, FRCP


Member, Archdiocesan Commission of Enquiry into the Sexual Abuse of Children by Members of the Clergy (The Winter Commission), Archdiocese of St. John’s

Author, Healing the Church; Diagnosing and Treating the Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis


Lecture: Diagnosing and Treating Child and Youth Sexual Abuse: Insights from the Empirical Sciences and Theology

Lecture: Social Justice and the Common Good: Current Issues in Health Care


Co-Sponsored by The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE), School of Population and Public Health, The University of British Columbia and St. Paul’s Hospital



Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

Archdiocese of Vancouver


Lecture: Love, Mercy and Forgiveness: Pope Francis and the Future of the Catholic Church



Dr. Angus Reid, PhD

Chairman, Angus Reid Institute

Canada’s best-known and longest-practicing pollster


Lecture: Faith and Society