Applicants from Corpus Christi College

Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Culture

Students who have completed their Associate of Arts Degree from CCC, but not the Education Track, are guaranteed full transfer credit (54-60 credits), but still required to satisfy all 100- and 200-level course requirements specific for the BA degree.

Below is the list of the required courses for admission to third year to the program:

English (12 credits):
ENGL 110: Academic Reading, Writing and Thinking*
ENGL 120: Introduction to Literary Genres**
ENGL 230: Biblical and Classical Background to English literature
ENGL 233: Canadian Literature
Religion (9 credits):
RELG 207: World Religions*
RELG 201: Themes in Scripture
RELG 240: Explorations of Catholicism**
Philosophy (9 credits):
PHIL 103: Introduction to Philosophy*
PHIL 130: Introduction to Ethics**
PHIL 217: Philosophy of Human Person
History (12 credits):
HIST 105: Pre-Confederation
HIST 106: Post Confederation
HIST 100/200: Early Medieval /Pre Renaissance
HIST 101/201: Later Medieval/Post Renaissance
Geography (6 credits):
GEOG 102
GEOG 103
GEOG 206
Social Sciences (6 credits):
POLI, ANTH, etc.

Lab Requirement (3 credits): (note Geog 102/103 can be counted here) & Math Requirement (3 credits) (MS/ES EDUC Req)

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent is required for admission to the program.