EdCamp - Moving Forward

EdCamp - Moving Forward has been cancelled


“A time for good teachers to get even better”



From “Learn Something New, Teach Everything Better” by Jamie Green (Educational Leadership Summer 2013):

“Take time to reflect. What works, what doesn't, and why? More important, what can you do now to help you connect with a new crop of students in September? Most important, can you devote time to preparing for the coming school year without it feeling like "work"?

Reverse the roles and learn rather than teach.The best professional development is personal development. To become a better teacher, it's crucial to take time to become a better student.With a little thought and creativity, there is no limit to the possibilities for learning.

Put yourself at square one and start from scratch. What's it like to stare down a topic or skill of which you have little or no knowledge? Is it overwhelming? Challenging? Exhilarating? When you recognize and embrace the unknown, it becomes easier to understand how your students feel at the beginning of almost every lesson or unit—a feeling that's all too easy to forget after several years of teaching the same material.

Good teachers aren't born—they're made, and they're continually getting better. It's important to remember that teachers are not created (or limited) by their degrees or salaries alone. They're constantly developing and refining themselves. They're constantly learning—and their students reap the benefits.”


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