Films at 4: Discovering Christ at the Movies

Join us as we screen current films and discuss how the themes of these films tie in with the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and our relationship with Christ.

Sundays 4-7 pm at St. Mark's College (7 pm Sunday Mass optional)

$10 per session, including refreshments OR  $50 for entire series (payable only at first session)

Bella (2006) - Sunday October 16, 2011     Week One of the Exercises - I am a sinner; somehow God still loves me

The King's Speech (2010) - Sunday November 20, 2011   Week Two of the Exercises - Spending time with Christ transforms me

The Visitor (2007) - Sunday December 4, 2011     Week Three of the Exercises - An invitation to solidarity with the suffering Christ  

Henry Poole Is Here (2008) - Sunday January 15, 2012       Week Four of the Exercises - Discovering new life in Christ 

Invictus (2009) - Sunday March 4, 2012     Week Five of the Exercises-  The Magis - Seeking the greater glory of God

Of Gods and Men (2010) - Sunday April 1 , 2012       Week Six of the Exercises -    Discernment - Searching for Christ's voice