Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Saint Mark's College is committed to promoting an authentic Christian humanism, marked by the pursuit of academic excellence and animated by a joy of searching for, discovering and communicating truth in every field of knowledge. Saint Mark's College prepares graduates who continually strive to integrate and synthesize faith and reason, women and men who think rigorously, so as to act rightly and to serve humanity better.

Saint Mark's, as an affiliated theological college of UBC, offers a variety of graduate academic programs for the formation of Catholic clergy and lay professionals, and continuing education opportunities for adults.  Through its Campus Ministry, the College provides a dynamic pastoral presence and faith development opportunities for students, faculty and staff, who work and study on the university campus.

Our Vision

Together, St. Mark's College and Corpus Christi College will become the centre of excellence for undergraduate and graduate Catholic education in western Canada.

Statement of Values

1. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and in striving to live His mission, the Colleges are inspired by and committed to the teachings of the Church. As Catholic educational institutions operating in accordance with Ex corde ecclesiae, the Colleges endeavour systematically to ensure that the treatment of the individual disciplines is consonant with their own principles, their own methods, and with the true liberty of scientific inquiry. Their object is that a progressively deeper understanding of these disciplines, especially the liberal arts and an emphasis on the study of philosophy and theology, and by careful attention to the current problems of these changing times and to the research being undertaken, the convergence of Faith and Reason in the one Truth may be seen more clearly. (Vatican II,  Christian Education, 10). The fidelity of the Colleges to the Christian message includes recognition of, and adherence to, the teaching authority of the Church in matters of faith and morals. Catholic members of the Colleges' community are also called to personal fidelity to the Church, with all that this implies. Non-Catholic members are required to respect the Catholic character of the Colleges, while the Colleges in turn respect their religious liberty. (ECE, 26).

2. The Colleges treasure the legacy handed on by the Congregation of St. Basil who, under the leadership of Fr. Henry Carr, CSB, founded St. Mark's in 1956 and served the Colleges and the University until their departure in 2005.

3. The Colleges are committed to the development of the whole person, delivering academic excellence and ensuring academic freedom within a welcoming and inclusive faith community and an ethnically, socially and economically diverse student body.

4. The Colleges are committed to the prepration of leaders for the Church and society.

5. The Colleges are committed to promulgating and integrating into the curriculum the social teachings of the Church and to providing opportunities for all members of the student body to engage in formational outreach work globally and locally.

6. The Colleges value their relationship with the University of British Columbia and continue to foster mutually beneficial relationships.