Research Guides 

These guides will help you learn how to navigate UBC libraries, give you tips on how to do research, explain citations, and much more.  

Links to short videos and an introductory tutorial to get you started using UBC library.
How to Find Resources at UBC Library

A guide for students to access UBC and St. Mark’s Library e-resources and a link to a list of open access  sites. 
Library E-Resources for Students

Research strategies for finding the best resources for your assignments.
Research Guide

Instructions for how to use the library’s contactless pick-up service beginning August 25, 2020.
How to Borrow Books from St. Mark’s College Library

A list of some of the many open access sites available. The Library homepage also has ideas for where to find resources if you cannot access UBC library.
Open Access Resources

Whenever you use someone else's words or ideas in a paper or presentation, you must indicate the information is borrowed by citing your source. This applies to books, articles, web pages, images, sounds, TV/film clips and DVDs.
Citation Guide

This site gives you access to a collection of primary sources, made up of nearly 200 million pages of digitized historical content – maps, photos, newspapers, manuscripts, pamphlets, portraits, and much more.
Finding Primary Sources

A guide to First Nations resources available at St. Mark’s library, UBC libraries and online.
First Nations Research

A guide to journal resources available at St. Mark’s library and online at UBC libraries. Print journals are only for use in the library and cannot be borrowed. (These journals will not be available until the library is open.)

Faculty Guides

Faculty and staff: important information about your UBC and St. Mark’s Library accounts and how to access library resources, as well as a link to a list of open access sites.
Faculty and Staff - Accessing Library Resources