Library Services for Faculty

Reserve Material

Materials and texts required for or integral to courses offered at Corpus Christi or St. Mark’s Colleges can be placed on reserve at the request of a faculty member. Library texts, photocopied material, and material belonging to a faculty member can be placed on reserve for the duration of a course. This material will be available for in-library use only so that the maximum number of students may have access to it. Faculty are asked to email a list of material to be placed on reserve and include title, author, edition for each item.

Library Instruction

Library instruction introduces students to resources and research strategies for a specific course of discipline. The librarian is available to provide one time instructional lessons on a specific theme or skill, can be called upon to provide or arrange tours of libraries on UBC campus, and is available to help faculty develop courses that include information literacy competencies. Library instruction opportunities may be scheduled during regular Librarian hours, or during an alternate time arranged with the librarian. Library instruction sessions are tailored to the needs of the class. Faculty are encouraged to contact the librarian well in advance of the date of the intended library instruction so that sufficient development and technological tools can be prepared.

Requests for Purchase

Faculty are invited to request the purchase of material to be included in the library’s collection. Although not all requests can be fulfilled, the library will make every effort to purchase recommended material that falls within its collection mandate.

UBC, VST and Regent College Libraries – Borrowing Rights

Current faculty lists have been sent to these institutions. Faculty who do not already have a library card from these institutions are eligible to register with these libraries separately. Proof of identification is necessary. Accounts expire with the closing of the academic year.