Faculty Publications

  • A Model for the Christian Life : Hilary of Poitiers' Commentary on the Psalms -  Paul C. Burns
  • “The Teraphim in Light of Mesopotamian and Egyptian Evidence.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly (2012): 694-711. -  Dr. Shawn Flynn
  • “Inescapable Perspective and David’s Sin in 2 Samuel 11-12.” Irish Theological Quarterly 77.3 (2012): 182-196 -  Dr. Shawn Flynn
  • “Red, White and Black in Symbolic Thought: The Tricolour Folk Motif, Colour Naming, and Trichromatic Vision.” Folklore 123.3 (Dec 2012): 310-329. -  Dr. Jessica Hemming
  • “Noble Betrayers of their Faith, Families and Folk: Some Non-Muslim Women in Mediaeval Arabic Popular Literature.” Folklore 123.1 (April 2012): 84-98. - Dr. Niall Christie 
  • How Far Can We Go? A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating. - Brett Salkfeld 
  • "Gender and Mission: The Sisters of Saint Anne in British Columbia." Changing Habits: Women’s Religious Orders in Canada. - Jacqueline Gresko