About the Library

History of the Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library

The library is named in memory of Dr. John Micallef. Dr. Micallef was born in Victoria, Gozo and educated at the Lyceum in Valetta, Malta. He received a BA (Hons.) in languages from the University of London and an MA in Comparative Philosophy (Linguistics). Further studies included a Licentiate in Philosophy (magna cum laude) at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy and Heythrop College, Oxford, UK. Dr. Micallef was a fellow of the Philosophical Society of England and a Fellow of the College of Preceptors, England. He was a Professor of Philosophy and a student of theology for much of his adult life and held various teaching positions in a number of Canadian and American universities. He published widely in his chosen fields of philosophy and linguistics. He was fluent in English, Italian, Maltese, French, Latin, and Spanish and had a working knowledge of Classical Greek, Classical Arabic, Classical Hebrew, German, and Portuguese.

In early 2005, the Micallef family donated their father’s book collection to Corpus Christi College and St. Mark’s College and set up an endowment fund to provide for the ongoing development of the Library. In recognition of this gift, the Colleges renamed their library the Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library.