Board Members

St. Mark’s College is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for providing strategic direction and overseeing the corporate conduct of the College and the activities of its management team, who are responsible for day-to-day operations of the business. 

  • Celso Boscariol, Q.C.  Chair
  • Dr. Gernot Wieland  Vice-Chair 
  • Norman Tsui  Secretary/Treasurer 
  • Michelle Chang 
  • Bruno De Vita, Q.C.
  • Steve Fleck
  • Maria Harris
  • Christopher Ireland 
  • Dan Moric
  • Walter Mustapich
  • Liam O'Loughlin
  • Dr. Herbert Rosengarten
  • Amy Sundberg 
  • Mimi Tang 
  • Franco Trasolini 
  • Tino Varelas 
  • Most Rev. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, ex officio
  • Bishop Stephen Jensen, ex officio
  • Dr. Peter Meehan, ex officio


The Senate is responsible for the College’s academic oversight and educational policy development.

·       Rev. Dr. Robert Allore, Pastor, St. Mark's Parish

·       Dr. Paul Burns, Corpus Christi College Faculty Representative

·       Michael Dallaire, Faculty 

·       Alexandria Fung, Director of Campus Life and Ministry

·       Jessica Glinksbockel, Bachelor of Arts Student Representative

·       Alexandra Glinsbockel, Bachelor of Arts Alumni Representative

·       Sean Haffey, UBC Senate

·       Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart, Faculty

·       Dr. Henk Luyten, Faculty

·       Dr. Germain MacKenzie, Faculty

·       Nathalie Magel, Graduate Student Representative

·       Dr. Peter Meehan, Principal & Senate Chair

·       Susan Millar, Assistant Librarian 

·       Rev. Martin Moser, Faculty

·       Dr. Nicholas Olkovich, Faculty

·       Dr. Jamie Paris, BA Faculty Representative

·       Gabriel Pillay, Dean of Students

·       Dr. Christopher Potworowski, Faculty 

·       Dr. Lynda Robitaille, Dean of Theology & Senate Vice Chair

·       Maria Sarte Hypolite, Registrar

·       Susan Sousa, Graduate Alumni Representative 

·       Dr. Gernot Wieland, Board of Directors


If you have questions for the Governance bodies at St. Mark's College, please contact and your inquiry will be directed accordingly.