Creatures of God

Creatures of God: Human Nature and Evolution for Evangelicals and Catholics

Free public lectures

Dr. J. Richard Middleton, "Being Human: Engaging the Opening Chapters of Genesis in Light of Hominin Evolution"
Responding: Dr. Paul Teel (University of Victoria), Dr. Shawn Flynn (St. Mark's College), Dr. Rikk Was (Regent College)
Thursday, October 29th
Regent College
5800 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
Dr. Jeff Schloss, “Uncommon Nature Through Common Descent?: Evolution and the Question of Human Exceptionalism”
Responding: Rev. Dr. Robert Allore SJ (St. Mark's College), Dr. Ross Hastings (Regent College)
Friday, October 30th
Saint Mark’s College
5935 Iona Drive
Vancouver , BC
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