Summer 2017

Pro-D Workshops for Summer 2017

Not in the Lower Mainland? We offer Skype options for distance students. Please contact the Continuing Education office for more information: 604.822.5514


Aboriginal Education 101: Understanding the Past to Move Forward

This workshop will help answer the following three questions: Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where do we want to go? Participants will examine the history of British Columbia plays a major role in how we introduce the new curriculum into our classrooms. By understanding the true history that has occurred in the province, participants will be able to use strategies to move forward. The First Peoples Principles of Learning will be examined in terms of how we can introduce them into the classroom for all learners. Instructor: Brad Baker

Embedding Authentic Aboriginal Authors in the Mainstream Classroom for Secondary Classrooms

The workshop will demonstrate how the First Peoples Principles of Learning along with authentic Indigenous authors were embedded in mainstream English literature units. Teachers will have the opportunity to explore and discuss how First Peoples Principles of Learning can be embedded in meaningful and sincere ways both implicitly and explicitly. Instructor: Brad Baker

Traditional Oral Story Telling in the Classroom

Teachers will be provided with authentic resources and strategies to teach traditional oral story telling in the K-7 classroom. All activities and strategies meet the new BC Curriculum core competencies. Teachers will be provided with graphic organizers, lesson plans, and activities they can bring back to their students. Instructor: Brad Baker

Thinking Classrooms 1

Are our classrooms populated by students who are engaged in the mathematics and deep thinking for the duration of class? This session will explore what a thinking classroom looks like and how to create a thinking classroom in mathematics. We will learn about some changes that you can apply right now to shift the culture of your classroom towards one where students are engaged, enthusiastic and independent in their learning. Instructor: Michael Pruner

Thinking Classrooms 2

This session is intended for those who have already begun implementing a thinking classroom or for those who attended the previous “Thinking Classrooms 1” session. This session will explore some of the fine-tuning strategies for promoting a Thinking Classroom including assessment, questioning and discussion techniques. Instructor: Michael Pruner

New Curriculum and Assessment

 This session will explore some of the big ideas behind the revised curriculum and how to align our assessments with the shift in the learning standards. Core competencies, big ideas, curricular competencies and content all work together in the revised curriculum to develop our students as doers of math, knowers of math, and numerate citizens. Assessment practices will need to be adjusted with this shift of focus in math instruction so that we are evaluating our students on what we value in our students. Instructor: Michael Pruner


These workshops are being offered at St. Mark's College in Summer 2017. For more details and to register, please contact


Note: These workshops are also offered on an ongoing basis. Book one or more workshops for your school at a flexible location: on-site, off-site, or via Skype.

Delivery options:

  • 2-hour workshops
  • Can be split over 2 days (for instance, two 1-hour sessions)
  • Skype option available
  • Can be combined for longer sessions if needed
  • Evening option available