Explore the significance of Vatican II and the New Evangelization.

Join keynote speakers Dr. Michael Attridge & Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J. for two days of prayer and study.

Guest presenters throughout the Conference include:

  • Dr. Shawn W. Flynn (Saint Mark’s College)
  • John O’Brien, S.J. (Corpus Christi College) 
  • Pat Gillespie (Archdiocese of Vancouver)
  • Fr. Gabriel de Chadarévian, O.P. (St. Mary’s Parish)
  • Fr. Martin Moser, O.M.I. (Saint Mark’s College)
  • Archbishop Terrance Predergast, S.J.
  • Dr. Christine Jones (President, Redeemer Pacific College)
  • Dr. Adrienne Castellon (Saint Mark’s College)
  • Dr. Michael Attridge (University of St. Michael’s College)
  • Rev. Dr. Mark Hagemoen, PH (Principal, Saint Mark’s College)
  • Dr. Margherita Oberti (Saint Mark’s College/Christ the King Seminary)
  • Dr. Chris Morrissey (Redeemer Pacific College)
  • Dr. David Klassen (Corpus Christi College)
  • Dr. Christophe Potworowski (Redeemer Pacific College)
  • Archbishop J. Michael Miller, C.S.B. (Archdiocese of Vancouver) 

$50.00 Registration Fee for conference ($20 for Students)