September 21, 2013

Session Board:

Unlike traditional conferences, EdCamp presentations are not scheduled ahead of time. Instead, the content is participant-driven, flexible, and decided the morning of the event. EdCampers should come prepared to share ideas, have organic conversations, and start their day of learning by posting session topics to a session board.

How Does the Session Board Work?

When you show up to EdCamp, there will be an empty session board... waiting to be filled out by YOU! Attendees can write their name and topic on an post it note and either:

* Put it on a table, allowing organizers to tally the attendees favorite topics. Once the votes are tallied up, all of the most popular sessions will be posted to the schedule board.

* If sessions aren’t completely filled in right away, don’t worry about it. They’ll fill up throughout the day once people realize how informal presentations can be.

       Check out this video explanation: What is EdCamp?

Session Topics:

There are no rules – you decide what you want to learn for the day. Session topics range from new teacher tips, basic teaching practices, and classroom management to blended learning, digital projects, and the latest cool webtools. The possibilities are endless!

Vote with Your Feet:     

Throughout the day, you get to decide which sessions to attend. If a session doesn’t meet your needs, it’s perfectly acceptable to get up and move to another room.

Session Structure:

The EdCamp expectation is that participants will come prepared to be session presenters.  Participants interested in leading a session are welcome to bring their presentations (including handouts) on a flashdrive (memory stick).

While presentation-styles will vary, the preferred format for the one hour sessions is “Conversation” whereby the presenter uses the first 10 minutes to introduce the discussion topic and then engages the audience to continue the dialogue for the remaining 50 minutes. 

Session facilitators (presenters) are encouraged to explore these innovative PowerPoint styles to begin their sessions:

       Pecha Kucha – “chit chat”





       Ignite – “enlighten us but make it quick”



Outline of the Day:

         8:30 am          Registration Opens

         9:00 am          Welcome/Meet n’Mingle – determine EdCamp Sessions

         10:00 am        EdCamp Sessions

         11:00 am        Snack Break

         11:15 pm        EdCamp Sessions

         12:15 pm        Lunch

         1:15 pm          EdCamp Sessions

         2:15 pm          Closing Remarks & Door Prize Draws