Summer Institute

Take advantage of the St. Mark’s Summer Institute. In just two weeks you can complete 3-credit courses with daily classes. 

Classes run from July 6-17, 2020 with the option of completing a Catholic Core course, an elective course or both.

THEO 501: Foundations of Theology (Dr. Nicholas Olkovich)
    Daily morning class

Examine the importance of theology for the church and engage with aspects of moral and pastoral concern. This course looks at revelation (Scripture and Tradition), spirituality, liturgy, philosophy including the role of faith and reason, and the human sciences.

THEO 537: Spirituality and Leadership (Dr. Michael Dallaire)
   Daily afternoon class

Explore the spirituality of an engaged leader, one who tends to their own spiritual needs while leading others in Catholic organizations in the fields of health care, education, parish and society. Models of Christian leadership and spiritual growth will be explored with the view of enhancing participants’ current and future practice of leadership in the midst of our global and post-modern age.


Contact Dr. Lynda Robitaille
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