Catholic Core

Strengthen your personal faith understanding by starting with our core programming. Credits can later be applied to a Graduate Certificate, Diploma or Master’s Degree, based on eligibility requirements.

Teachers from CISVA and Congregational schools within the Archdiocese of Vancouver are eligible for the Archbishop’s Scholarship for Leadership in Catholic Education which will reimburse successful applicants their tuition fees upon completion of the Catholic Core courses.

Catholic Core Courses (9 credits)

  • THEO 501: Foundations of Theology (3 credits): The course examines the nature of theology. It looks at revelation (Scripture and Tradition), spirituality, liturgy, philosophy including the role of faith and reason, and the human sciences. It reviews the major periods of history of the church and the role of the teaching of ce (Magisterium). It examines the importance of theology for the church and considers aspects of moral and pastoral concern.
  • THEO 530: Christian Morality (3 credits): This course will introduce students to the sources, development, and history of moral theology using scriptural, patristic, theological, and magisterial sources. Particular attention will be given to the “foundational” moral theology of the Catholic tradition and the call of the Second Vatican Council for the renewal of this discipline by a return to its sources and an integration of moral studies with other areas of theology.
  • SCRI 505: Introduction to Scripture (3 credits): This course is a basic introduction to Scripture for graduate students without previous background in Scripture. The course covers both the Old and New Testaments in their own contexts, thematic parallels between them, and gives attention to how the Catholic intellectual tradition engages these textual traditions.

NEW Program Pathways!

Build towards a Master's degree. Credits earned at one level can count towards requirements of a higher level program. Students can start with the Catholic Core program, build to a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma and then to a Master's degree.

After completing the 9 credit Catholic Core program, students can complete a graduate certificate of 15 credits, a graduate diploma of 24 or 27 credits, or a master's degree of 39-42 credits.

Achbishop's Scholarship Recipients: How to Enrol in Your Courses

If you are receiving the Archbishop's Scholarship, please complete the Catholic Core Registration form.
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A member of the Registrar's Office will use the submitted information to create a student profile for you within My LION, the St. Mark's student information system. Once the student profile has been created, you will be contacted by the Registrar's Office with information on enrolling in your course.

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